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Sales Promotion

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The role of sales promotion SMART Objectives Variable costs Your budget Timing Fixed costs The brief Writing the agency brief Answering the agency brief Intermediary support Internal audience Target audience Geographic area Database analysis Segmentation Insight analysis Research Market environment Previous campaign analysis Buyer behaviour Customer insight Promotional behaviour Techniques to achieve your objectives Trade promotion Joint promotion Loyalty promotions Field marketing Experiential Supporting it online Tactical Activity Communication strategy Consumer journey Contact strategy Mobile strategy Coupons Digital techniques Traditional techniques Examples/case studies Instant evaluation What's the hook? Existing governing idea? Creative development Research/test Copywriting What's the big idea? Limit your financial exposure Security The chosen technique The 'universe' Timescale Proof of purchase requirement Previous results The type of product Brand profile/loyalty Estimate your response rate Method of communication Supporting media Ease of participation Perceived value of the offer Trade support Buyer behaviour Fequency of use Fixed fee insurance Argument for Argument for Over redemption insurance Variable costs Estimate confirmed Fixed costs Estimate confirmed Final estimate of the cost Budget approval Legal approval? Procurement approval On-pack? TV? Estimate your response rate Door drop? POS? Digital? is it 'Free?' Reward premium/prize Premium buying Legal approval Brand guidelines Application form Artwork Production Printing Brief Customer Services team Data collection Fulfulment/Handling Evaluation