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Content marketing strategy and implementation: your step-by-step guide

Too often a company's content marketing strategy is based around “we sell this service, here’s why you should buy it, and here’s why you should buy it from us.” The trouble is that this approach doesn’t usually work.

People need more than just the basic facts if they’re going to choose your company over a competitor. They need to feel a positive human connection with your business. It here that content marketing can be so effective:

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Content Marketing Use PR to crerate awareness of it Use ads to promote your best content Keep supporting customers with content after they've bought from you Measure, feedback and learn from your results Promote it Make it shareable Send out an alert to colleagues Agree your publishing strategy, and then publish Optimise your search Make your content more visual Brief the designer Rewrite, refresh, or retire Check that this is 'good' content marketing? Edit their content Or brief a copywriter Follow call-to-action best practice Make sure you use and engaging headline Create the right mix/variety of content Create your content Create an outline if you want Brief the writer/subject expert Agree the time plan Decide on your budget Brainstorm for ideas Create your content strategy document Define your brand voice Invite feedback Referrals 'Gate' your content? Sharing triggers Influencers Forums Case studies Pricing guide Testimonials Guarantee Offers A trial Sales calls Email/newsletter Webinar Buyers guide Print/DM Side decks Reviews White paper Demo video Blog Articles Templates Social media Ads Checklists Infographic PR Advocacy stage Buyer stage: purchase Buyer stage: decision making Buyer stage: exploration Analytics Analytics Analytics Analytics Why should I tell my friends? Why choose you? What are my options? How does it fulfil my need? What is this? Who needs it? Define your target audience ('buying persona') Understand their content needs Carry out a content audit Review your overall strategy Plan your editorial calendar Agree your budget Define your goals/objectives/KPIs Review the benefits of content marketing