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Customer insight

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Review their customer journey New product development/launch Competitor packaging analysis Search intelligence Product quality enhancement Marketing strategy development Sales process online/offline Customer mobile usage Search intelligence Customer satisfaction and churn rate/profiling Ansoff's matrix Gap analysis Cross sell up-sell analysis Loyalty rates/programme evaluation Customer acquisition analysis Macro-environmental analysis Marketing communication strategy/effectiveness Communications evaluation Testing evaluation Loyalty rates/programme evaluation Customer acquisition analysis Cross sell up-sell analysis Value proposition/message Search intelligence Competitor postioning analysis Customer loyalty/retention Recency, frequency, monetary value analysis Brand awareness and preference analysis Loyalty rates/programme evaluation Customer satisifaction and churn rate/profiling Committed customer analysis Customer recruitment Sales process online/offline Search intelligence Testing evaluation Customer acquisition analysis Buyer behaviour (B2B) Market research The Company's MIS Sales and service staff feedback Market analysis Audit (marketing) Insight from Market information companies CHAID analysis Regression & Discriminant analysis Customer lifetime value Customer satisfaction analysis SWOT analysis Your most profitable customers Cluster analysis Correlation analysis Trends analysis Competitor intelligence Google analytics Database analysis Target audiences unmet neews Social media listening/analysis Buyer behaviour (B2C) Develop your strategy to identify the required insight Review known touchpoints Review their profile What are the known customer needs of this segment Focus on one customer segment at a time What is your objective? What is customer insight?