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Marketing plan

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Marketing Plan Proposition Timing plan Segment Proposition By product By segment Timing plan Product Proposition Marketing budget Resources required By Product By Segment Product - offline Price - offline Place - offline Promotion - offline People Processes Physical factors Positioning Packaging Alternative plan/mixes Assumptions Long-term projection Short-term projection Expected results Advertising strategy Sales promotion Face-top-face Public relations Digital strategy Direct marketing Social media marketing Mobile marketing Video marketing Website development Content marketing Email marketing Communication strategy Marketing Mix Brand development Positioning strategy Internal marketing Product-online Price-online Place-online Promotion-online By segment By product Marketing objectives Product portfolio summary Product mix Strategic focus Product development Target consumer groups Market extension Product deletion Situation analysis Review the state of the market Assumptions Gap analysis Ansoff's matrix Identifying trends Forecasting changes in the market Micro-environment Macro-environment Company analysis Product lifecycle Listen using social media Customer insight Market analysis Competitor analysis What is your competitve advantage to this audience? What are their unmet needs? Buying behaviour Business to consumer Buying behaviour Business to business Your target audiences Who are they? Marketing audit What's its objective? How are they segmented SWOT analysis by product and segment Research Your corporate objectives What is your primary challenge? The company's mission Executive summary Written once the plan is complete