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Mobile marketing: your step-by-step guide

The prediction is that by 2020 customers will manage 85% of their relationships without talking to a human

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Mobile Marketing Develop your creative idea Design/obtain required software Analyse feedback and learn lessons Test, evaluate, adjust and then roll out Media plan to promote and support your mobile marketing Legal and code of practice checks Production briefing Automated email Landing page Payment Display advertising Podcasts Voting, sales promotion offers Mobile website Location based services Proximity/Bluetooth News feed QR code Coupons Content App SMS/Text messaging Social media Video Create the core elements of the communication Your content/ media choice and production task Integrate online/offline Determine the length of the campaign Choose/brief your mobile marketing agency Develop your strategy Ten things to do and not to do Convenience Location Relevance Permission Check your data hygeine Source and manage your audience data Consumer privacy is mandatory Define your needs and wants Review what value is best delivered via mobile Check if legal input is required at this stage Define your target audience Set KPIs/other campaign metrics Define your objectives Agree your budget and timings Carry out a situation analysis