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Email marketing: your step-by-step guide

Email marketing endures because it works. Recent analysis shows the average ROI to be over £38 for every £1 spent.

To achieve this sort of return you need to build a mutually valuable relationship with clients and potential clients on your database. Do this well and whenever a potential customer is ready to buy, they’re likely to buy from you. Do it badly and you risk driving them away.

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Email Marketing Don't ignore bounces Measure landing page effectiveness Refine and improve Campaign reporting and analytics Live campaign tracking Use advanced automation How will your email be followed up Fulfillment of your offer Test for delivery and spam filters Proof and edit Optimum time of day/week to send an email Email delivery Campaign delivery Email clickthrough Email clickthrough Email response How often should you email Test for correct rendering Follow mandatory legal/email regulations Testing landing pages Execute your test plan Check your email mechanics Newsletter guide Call to action The footer Social media links Add unsubscribe link Landing pages Auto responder email follow up Ideally use dynamic content Copy and content checklist Personalise each individual email Include an offer The email body Format tips Pay image copyright holder Optimise for mobile and tablet Include links throughout the email Optimise your preview pane view Design an effective email A great example of an email that sells The header The subject line The 'envelope' 'From' name and 'from' address Copywriting skills Agree the theme and message of your email content Your list is ready to use Clean and validate your list before using it Don't use this list Any hard bounces or spam complaints Has the list been mailed in the last six months Have they agreed to receive your emails It was data captured using our website Are these individuals all opt-in? It's been built up over time The list was bought Manage your sender reputation Have you built your email database Re-engagement emails Notification/auto-responder email Customer win-back emails Sales announcement email Welcome email Cross-sell/up-sell recommendation Advovate promotion Transactional email Survey email A reorder email Testimonial email Inform and entertain emails Educate and entertain emails New product/service email Product advice email Promotional email Lead nurturing emails Newsletter/digest Introduction emails Sponsorship emails Seriously consider using video Should you target previous/lapsed customers? Grow your email list Target your audience Segment your list Define your audience and each segments persona What benchmarks are you using? Are you using the ideal email service provider? Editorial campaign calendar Agree your budget Define your goal/objective/KPIs Insight from your previous campaigns Insight on competitors' email strategy