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Video marketing: your step-by-step guide

Getting potential customers to your website is hard enough without losing the majority within seconds of them arriving on your site. So how do you stop this? How do you grab and hold their attention so that you can show them how you can help and then convince them to contact you?

The answer is to use an engaging video.

Have a look at our guide to video marketing, below, to learn more about this. Also please view our video creation case study to see how we can help.

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Video Marketing Maintain your presence on YouTube Analyse, feedback and learn lessons Consider using YouTube ads Promote/support your video marketing Optimise your video so that it can be found by your audience Legal and code of practice checks The shoot/production Filming/editing/lighting/music tips Do you require a narrator Decide on the production quality Choose/brief your video production agency Add the ideal thumbnail image Agree your production schedule Ask for a budget breakdown Decide on the tone of voice Scripting and storyboarding Choose/brief your creative team Add conversion elements Landing page Mandatories Focus on the call to action Plan the video content Increase the time spent watching What's the core message Video length Set up an account on YouTube Build  your subscriber list Agree your distribution strategy (YouTube) Mobile marketing Consider buying ads (on YouTube) Video to support your presentation Online promotional video Exhibitions/trade fair promotional video Agree what type of video is most appropriate Define their needs and wants Define your taregt audience Agree the key timing/delivery dates Agree your budget Define your objectives Set KPIs/other campaign metrics Do your keyword research Review customer buying behaviour Do your research Where and how do you plan to use video?