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Social media strategy and implementation: your step-by-step guide

Why do you need to use social media to build your business? The answer’s simple.  Your clients are there, using it, engaging with it and getting their information from it. 

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Social Media Marketing Measure, feedback and learn from your results Implement social media monitoring Negative comments management Integrate social media into your marketing communications Write and sign internal policies and terms of use Delegate/allocate resources Agree the editorial calendar Review your costs Include a plan to grow your audience Find people of influence Mobile social media Re-purpose to extend reach Set up a content production line Promote sharing of content Develop your content strategy Visual content Content creation Develop a likeable personality Engage with your audience Use a stong call-to-action Encourage loyalty and advocacy Use engagement tools Convert to make a sale Engage their interest Podcasts SlideShare Q&A sites YouTube demo Blogging Attract their attention Twitter Google+ Pintrest Facebook YouTube LinkedIn Instagram Develop your media plan of formats and channels Social media presence on your home page Start considering your strategy Ensure a cross-functional approach Who does your audience trust with this message? Define the key message to each audience Research and listen Define your target audience ('buying persona') Segment your audience Decide how you will evaluate success Carry out a baseline audit Define your goals/objectives/KPIs Agree your budget Get Director to buy in to social media