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Marketing planning for small and medium sized businesses

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Home Page test Increase profitability Evaluate Increase profitabilty Define what you offer your customers Who are your most profitable target audiences? Develop your database What are your key objectives? Agree your budget Why Marketing must drive your business growth Up-sell/Cross-sell Your guide to building a profitable website Your website Use it to collect prospects' contact details Keep convert loyal customers Valuabale content Simple navigation Backlinks Social media links Local listings Ad/Words/PPC LinkedIn PR/Articles Email Other effective media Sell more Increase your income Traffic to your website Increase this by 200% Create a brochure that achieves its objectives Write a letter that engages the reader Find Attract more customers Find a good copywriter Focus on one target audience Email marketing Customer service Networking Referrals Telemarketing Press ads Trade fairs Convert Increase website conversion by 500% Covert Increase direct mail conversion by 150% Covert Prospects into customers Get the 4 Ps right Use a landing page Start a conversation Offer something valuable for free Email (ideally) using auto-responder Add testimonials Include a guarantee Make it really easy to apply