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Communication strategy

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Mobile marketing Email marketing Social media marketing SMART KPIs Communication objectives What do you want to say? Insight from previous contact with this audience External target audience Internal target audience Who needs to know Segmentation Database Listen to your audience, and learn What media do they respond to? Insight The offer Agree your proposition/message to each audience Governing idea Think about what restraints and resources you have Review your communication options Direct marketing strategy Sales promotion strategy Face to face strategy PR strategy Digital strategy Advertising strategy Marketing mix Contact strategy Brief your media team Consumer journey Internal communication plan Specify the media budget Timing/frequency/start/finish dates Test strategy Integrated approach Newsletters Radio Outdoor TV Sampling Direct mail Consideration Preference Direct response press Awareness Forums Comparison sites User reviews POS Sales promotion Loyalty reward points Demonstration Email marketing Digital coupons Loyalty Action/Purchase Search Digital PR Video Content marketing Referrals Analysis situations Media test results Message test results Creative/design Media plan for each audience and schedule Develop communication materials Feedback and adjust media plan Feedback and adjust the digital media plan