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Digital strategy

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SWOT analysis Micro-environment What previous campaign analysis is relevent? Carry out a situation analysis What existing research is relevent? Resource analysis Brand perception MIS PEST analysis Your marketing plan drives the overall strategy Business objectives drive digital objectives Sell (drive sales) Serve (add value) Speak (interact with customers) Save (reduce costs) Sizzle (boost brand values) See how to do this See how to do this See how to do this See how to do this See how to do this SWOT derived strategy Strategy Segmentation Define your target audience Targeting Positioning Offer Online value proposition Creative Test strategy (mandatory) Communication objectives Mobile marketing The sequence of tools used Contact strategy Integration Timing/Gantt chart Control and evaluation Budget approval Video media Interactive, digital advertising Opt-in email marketing Online partnerships Communications strategy Search marketing Sale promotion Website customer experience User-generated content Social media WOM On-line PR Advertising Direct marketing Public relations Experiential/field marketing Packaging Sales promotion Promotions Brand reputation management Integrated database CRM Product Price Online marketing mix Place Timing/Gantt chart Budget approval Control and evaluation Attarct Engage Nurture Sell Repeat