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Your strategic objectives/challenges

Timing plan Product Timing plan Segment Proposition Proposition By product By segment Proposition By Segment By Product Resources required Marketing budget Packaging Positioning Physical factors Processes People Promotion - offline Place - offline Price - offline Product - offline
Marketing analytics is fundamental to your career prospects (concept map) Defining analytics and metrics Start by deciding what exactly you are trying to achieve Business and marketing objectives Agree when/how often analysis should take place Customer analysis and evaluation metrics Customer service metrics Work out how you will collect your data Pricing metrics Review/audit what analysis is already in place Define your Marketing Performance Indicators  (MPIs or KPIs) Use metrics to align marketing with sales Identify appropriate measures  to match your objective/KPI Channel and distribution metrics Sales funnel metrics Sales/sales-force metrics Marketing planning metrics Corporate/Business  metrics Brand metrics Products  analysis Advertising/promotion metrics Website/digital/social metrics Margins and profitability metrics Return on investment (ROI) Design your Marketing to be measurable Focus on improving ROI/profit Develop (and agree) your analytics plan Agree who needs to see the results Focus on analysing ‘the right metrics’ Test variations to maximise your ROI What should you do to improve your ROI for the next campaign? Select relevant data sources from across your measures Determine the sources and quality of data Dashboard - consider the benefits Marketing automation - consider the benefits Monitor and analyse the data against KPIs Report your results to key stakeholders Calculate payback/RPI/ROMI Measure the sales effect Feedback loop Your campaign scores exceed your KPIs – what do you do? Your campaign is not achieving its KPIs – what do you do?